The only corporate hotel booking tool you need

Give your travelers the largest available hotel inventory in one tool that delivers the experience they love. Increase your efficiency with a single point for invoicing, management and support.

Access the largest inventory of hotels

Atriis gives you the most comprehensive hotel inventory in the industry, including full offers from online sites such as ehotel, RateHawk, Expedia, and many more

Corporate hotel booking platform

Off-channel hotel bookings often result in wasted time and money due to expensing, reimbursement, travel policy non-compliance, and multiple points of engagement.

The Atriis Corporate Hotel Booking Tool gives corporate travelers the full benefits of the direct booking experience on a single screen—and saves the company time, money, and resources with built-in travel compliance, payment & invoicing, and service & support.

All sources in one place

Let your travelers search, compare between all favorite vendors, and book directly from the largest hotel inventory available—in one place that exceeds their user experience expectations. No more wasted employee hours browsing dozens of tabs for the best option. Travelers see which offers are compliant with the travel policy and which aren’t.

Your travel policy. Working.

No more after-the-fact approval of the business traveler’s non-compliant booking. The Atriis solution lets you easily set up limits, policies, automated approval workflows, corporate hotel preferences and agreements for greater control.

Flexible & transparent

Easily setup payment and expensing rules to match your needs. Choose between corporate credit card, employee credit card, or go prepaid for a no hassle experience. Atriis’s platform is integrated with leading expense and finance systems for transparent reporting and invoicing.

One point of engagement

No more fragmentation and hassle: Atriis gives you access to a rich inventory of hotels—with a single point of engagement for all trips. Consolidate your points of contact for payments and support to a single channel.

Supported by your travel agency

Enjoy the freedom of direct booking while getting the full support of your travel agency to ensure your business travelers are taken care of on the road. Flight delayed? Schedule change? Your agent will know to adjust both your flight and hotel to make sure you’re covered.

Transform your managed travel with Atriis

Access multi-channel content. Enhance customer experience. Reduce leakage, operational complexities and costs.