Shared Corporate Travel Platform

Increase adoption and efficiency with a content-centric Corporate online booking platform that strikes the perfect balance between the needs of corporate travelers and corporate travel managers for a flawless first rate user experience — and is shared with the travel agent for improved communication and collaboration

Trusted by leading brands

Shared platform for agents and travelers

Atriis’s booking tool is used to seamlessly book, manage, and report self and agent-assisted business trips. Gain complete transparency and consistency of content and services. Steer your travel policy and obtain great TMC compliance.

Unbeatable inventory and experience

Prevent leakage by giving your travelers a B2C shopping experience with all the travel brands they crave! Atriis provides the world’s largest inventory of flights, hotels, transportation and services from direct, non-direct, NDC and GDS channels—in a digital environment corporate travelers know and love.

Easy to use for corporates

Reduce leakage related to cumbersome UI and booking processes with Atriis’s online booking platform. Drive adoption with a fully mobile iOS/Android experience for all your self and agent-assisted bookings. Increase efficiency and travel policy compliance with approval flows and integrations to all finance and HR systems.

Easy to use for agents

With Atriis, agents seamlessly book, manage, and service all corporate travel, including off-channel bookings, on one screen. Corporates enjoy enhanced traveler service and support, lower prices, and agent enforced compliance with travel policies.

Global Shared Marketplace

Atriis’s global shared marketplace gives Corporates access to local travel suppliers. Corporates gain access to a supply of global content and services to support their growing travel needs as they expand to new geographies. Through the global shared marketplace, corporate customers enjoy the benefits of local service and rates.

Transform your managed travel with Atriis

Access multi-channel content. Enhance customer experience. Reduce leakage, operational complexities and costs.